On the day the S&P GSCI launched, 11 April 1991, the S&P 500 closed at 380 and a barrel of crude oil was worth $21. Over the next thirty years, oil would peak near $146, the S&P 500 would cross 4,000, and the broad commodities market would respond to a rapidly changing world that saw the emergence of BRIC countries, the ebbs and flows of tensions in the Middle East, and a range of other geopolitical forces and natural events that caused sometimes-dramatic shifts in commodity supply and demand. Throughout it all, the S&P GSCI remained a steadfast measure of market changes.

 Made up of the most liquid commodity futures and world-production weighted, the S&P GSCI is a straightforward yet sophisticated measure of commodity beta. Since its inception, it has reliably served as a tool to improve diversification while also offering liquidity and the potential for inflation protection.

The Next 30 Years of Commodity Index Investing

While 30 years is a lifetime in commodities investing, what more can we expect in the next three decades?

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Capturing the Past, Present, and Future of Commodities with the S&P GSCI

After three decades of helping investors make more informed decisions and providing index-based access to diversification, liquidity, and inflation protection—what’s next for this index icon?

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S&P GSCI: A 30-Year History

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